30 April 2018

Ibanez Edge Pro. A possible second chance? Plan B.

The Ibanez Edge Pro(along with Edge II and III) were introduced in 2003/04. Aside from receiving a new face lift,it featured a newly design string locking insert. This new locking design eliminate the worry of losing the insert like the model prior. Yes, we guitarist can be clumsy sometime. The Edge Pro was phased out of production after 2013.

Now I'm going to give you my no holds barred opinion about the Ibanez Edge Pro. The construction of the Edge Pro is poor in terms of material choice and powder coating. When corrosion manage to get though the saddle, it will eat the saddles from the inside out just like a bot fly  larvae. The sound cheap chip as Ibanez calls it is also made with a soft cheap material. When the sound cheap chip is ruin then that's going to collectively messed up your strings radii.

 Of course Ibanez still sells replacement saddles but for how long and at MYR100(2014 price) a piece I'll guarantee its going to rust again. Of course one might only delay the inevitable with a tooth brush but who the fuck has time to brush the Edge Pro saddles after play. Then again who the fuck brings a tooth brush for the guitar anyway. Well if you're the OCD type then good, I'm happy for you but the fact is the Edge Pro quality is no where near Edge and Lo-Pro Edge.

I came across 3 rust infested Edge Pro in since 2008 so my rant is considerably fair and unbiased. I already done a Edge Pro Care tech tip post few years back in this blog. If you failed to follow that then this is plan B. Only if you think your Edge Pro has a possible second chance by flipping the chip or you've been dragging your feet to buy new saddles, you might want to consider this procedure. Before I end I want to honestly share what's on my mind right now. That is "I would stay away from any Ibanez that comes with Edge Pro,Edge II and Edge III."

If you think the above picture is bad, take a look of the before picture below.

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