27 April 2018

Yamaha RGZ312

Firstly when you googled old Yamaha RGZ/RGX you'll find 3 headstock version. One is hinting you to saw off the bottom unfinished wood to make it look like a Jackson. The second one is the bird headstock which is now copied used by Tom Anderson and John Suhr. The third and last one is the elephant seal headstock which is here in this post. I don't know what's happened in Yamaha but I'm glad the internal headstock scuffle was over a long time ago.

This Yamaha RGZ312 came in for a check up. The main problem was the volume pot goes to infinity while the tone pot is jammed. Speaking of the tone,this one is a push-push type which are also found in old SG2000,MGM etc. I think this style more convenient in term speed coil tapping for the player compared to the obvious push-pull version where you have to psychically use your ring and middle finger to grab and pull the bloody thing.

So I take it upon myself to try to save the tone pot. Not only due to the odd resistance value but also because of its unique mechanical operation. I've told the owner that I order the mini switch,volume pot and a 250k Push-Pull pot (Should I botch the tone pot rescue endeavour).

The tone pot shaft were immerse in WD40 then given a good thorough clean up. I did have to solder tap the wiper bracket inside it. It rotates nicely but will it last a year or two I don't know. Towards the end of wiring process I didn't suspect the switch is of any problem but since the parts already arrived I've replaced it anyway. I slept better knowing I did.

The neck needed a turn or two of rod tightening with some minor intonation. This Yamaha RGZ312 Elephant Seal headstock is indeed a well built plus enjoyable to play with. The TRS101 trem feels new maybe because it hasn't been abused. The thread on the arm show little to none wear. Its as if the tight virgin tremolo was one day destined to be rape by yours truly. Hehe.

For old Yamaha Electric owners in Malaysia whom require replacement of such push-push mini switch only. I still have 17 pieces of it. You can contact me for this work.

Thank you

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