24 April 2018

PRS Tremolo, why it's a better mouse trap.

I've shared this story many years ago to all my walk-in client. I'm not sure whether I've wrote some it here so here's the short simplified version.

A friend had tried my PRS SE(Its gone now). He was impressed by the trem stability. Some weeks later he went and bought a Fender Stratocaster AVRI made USA guitar. At the time one of those planks was about MYR8000 a piece. I didn't know about the purchase until he brought the guitar to me with some thoughts and questions.

Seing my PRS SE has a 6 screw vintage like style tremolo made him think that all vintage trem are equal in stability and performance hence forking out MYR8000 was to rid of any technical incompetence that might surface in lower tier model.
His question was why is his Strat tremolo is unlike my PRS SE in terms of feel and performance.

Dear consumers/guitar players,
The PRS tremolo bridge is not a vintage tremolo look a like wannabe. It is a superior version of that stuck in the past traditional design by Leo. Paul is not just a guitar builder in fact he's a great player in his own right. He dare to correct wrongs made by other engineer cum so call luthier. I hope the pictures will give you a visual understanding of why PRS tremolo bridge(USA and SE) is a better mouse trap than any vintage synchronise tremolo system be that the original or copies. In short the intended screw mount cut on the PRS USA and SE is game changer.

On another note, I think the original developer or design holder of the PRS Tremolo is Mannmade USA. I could be wrong hence please correct me.

Thank you


Ijau D. Koceng said...

ama ama yelek~

PRS USA vs SE, design hampir sama mungkin cuma berbeza material yang digunakan... sama kes seperti FR ori/1000/special kot?

YusTech said...

Ya kedua dua berbeza material dan ukuran e.g. diameter trem arm dan saiz screw pada sadel.

Ada pun begitu belum saya jumpa kes PRS tremolo pecah seperti FRS. Kedua dua Tremolo PRS USA dan SE jauh lebih dari vintage tremolo.