27 March 2017

Charvette 200 by Charvel

As far as I can remember this is only the second Charvette I came across.The first one was roughly 12 or 13 years ago.I didn't  know what model it was but I do remember it was a SSH config,bridge humbucker slant like strat and it has an active preamp.The complain was bridge pickup was micphonic so being an electronic expert as I thought I was,I swap the opamp on the PCB thinking it couldn've leaked? when by right I should be looking at the bridge pickup.Haha..The opamp swap didn't solve the problem so I said to the guy I couldn't figure what was wrong with his guitar.Now,at this moment I'm more than sure the Bridge pickup was the culprit.What's done was done.I looked at each wrong assumption as preparation for future's right solution.That's that.

This Charvette initially needed just setup or at least what I thought at first judging by it not too bad shape.It's mostly when the client and tech consultation session ended and as the guitar being taken apart,I begin to find several fault.The neck plate screws suppose to be 2 pair of short and long type.This is due to the slop down design at the back neck/body joint.There were 3 long and 1 short screw.The wrongly place long one had pushed a fret outward while leaving a crack on the spot.

The scarf joint was loose(the usual less glue faster build).The frets has substantial wear and the electronics are 90's shit but 2016 so and so.This Charvette was Fretted,CTSed,CRLed and Switchcrafted.It plays and felt good if not better when it was shipped to the distributor 25 years ago

My apology for not including more pictures as I forget to snap some during the process.

Thank you

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