17 March 2012

Roland Micro Cube

About 3 years ago I had an unpleasant email communication with Roland Asia Pacific.I was given a task to solve some(4 to be exact) Roland JC120 from a local Uni.I pretend to be someone else and email my intention to purchase 2 unit of Roland JC120 speaker driver and some Jalco input jack.To cut the story short my needs were denied.It was the dumbest,run around email exchanged I've ever experienced.Wow!!Roland Japan you will witness the email exchanged that I had with Roland Asia Pacific Rep soon..

Alright enough of that.Here we have a situation where a student needed help and luckily he bump into my Blog.I told him that Roland has their own service center but he refused to go there due the charges of course.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

the "K" lock icon means "kensington" lock slot, normally notebook has it...

more info:
official website, wikipedia

YusTech said...

oo i see.Thanks Bro Ijau..

YusTech said...



Assalamualaikum Bang.

I got a problem with my Micro Cube. The COSM failed to function properly. The other feature of the Micro Cube doing fine, just the COSM one.

I did contact a big guitar shop here near in my place- Pontian-Batu Pahat, but they said they will refer it to Roland itself.

So I wanted to know if you can help me tackling this problem, or otherwise I just give the fault Micro Cube to my younger brother as a 'gift'.Hehe. No problem since I still got one more Micro Cube.

Here is my email- oddmetalia@yahoo.com.my


lynessmy said...

Good job Yus!

From lynessmy.

Sorry to hear that your COSM fail.
That is a firmware (DSP) part of the amp.
As far as i know, it is read/write protected.
Meaning, i you have a good unit, you can't read the program from good unit to reflash your fail unit.
That's for me, maybe Yus has a better idea over that...but GOOD LUCK!

YusTech said...

I am absolutely dumbfound about on the COSM technology and/or how to repair it.I am totally in the same page with lynessmy.Only RAP can help you with this.I am interested to hear the the outcome.:)



This is the kind of input I am looking for. Clear and wise. Thanks!!

Maybe it's time for me to upgrade to bigger wattage amp.

Or just keep saving for a Kawasaki ZX250rr (not the current model)....He.

Thanks (also for Bang YusTech)!!

Nick Chan Abdullah said...

i hate roland asia pacific. can you believe their pots problem is common since the mid 90s ? and roland asia pacific don't even have their own keyboard repairman. If they do, he's always on vacation

kapak said...

got same problem with you bro MFTAQIYUDDIN..Everything else works fine except that the sound kept on clean eventhought you switch to other COSM effect..any idea what can i do with these 'can't repair' amp?is it possible to take out the "tone,efx,& delay/reverb" part and install it on other amp?or turning these part into a foot pedal maybe??haha