22 July 2011

Refretting available now!

Dear players,

For those who wants their instrument to remain playable for years ahead,I am offering refretting services among others to those instruments that are in dire state.Since every instrument has and will have its own unique issues.Each guitars,Basses and others will be fully check,studied & charges on a case by case bassist.As woods are different from one to another so too condition,care and previous maintenance will be evaluated.

A professional consultation will be conducted before proceeding.Essentially knowing the player as much as the instrument is my method of approach.My goal is to make the player understands the instrument and the possible work involve.

Tools used for the referred work are the latest in the industry,these tools are design and Made in USA in line with their progressive musical instruments industry and used by guitar tech worldwide.

The Partial Fretwork minimum charge is from______ RM20.95cent.(Sometime doesn't make sense to do partial fretwork
The Full Fretwork minimum charge is RM250.
Fret Leveling/Crowning minimum charge is from__ RM100.(most time due to result,this doesn't make sense)

Charges above are concluded after interviewing musicians,teachers,hobbyist and others

Thank You

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