14 July 2011

The search for Buzz Feiten system

Buzz Feiten,What is it??I looked all over the guitar for it.
Some people pay RM400 to have it fit on their guitars.Bottom line.Its all BS.For now Earvana looks more convincing.

There are 3 kind of guitar tech I know off.

1.The one that does a lot of repairs, but do not have a clue about music.(Rare and the worst kind)

2.The one that does a lot of repairs but play the guitar less.Few chords here and there.(there's many of this kind out there)

3.The one that does a lot of repairs and teach music,that's me.If you like me you will know about the problems of 1,3,5 and 1,b3,5.My goal is to make the player understand the Instrument better.

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