11 August 2011

Hughes & Kettner Attax 40

Achtung!!! H&K Attax 40.

Most of my client have told me that its good to be a guitar and amp TECH.They wish they are so that they could fix their own equipment.
Well sure,would a Mechanix worry about their car or a plumber about their own home plumbing?
I guess not..

Normally I would post pictures of past repaired work but this is a special post about my amp.
I bought it second hand in 2001(I think or was it 2000) and it has not break down or blown.well not yet...I couldn't wait no more to see whats inside.

I have email the Hughes & Kettner for data and they replied instantly.Talk about being serious about customer support.

So you see,buying second hand does tells me about the quality.

Panzer Tank Grade,Reliable,Simple and Good Tones.The SEND & RETURN are in front so I don't have to bend over.


bluesguy62 said...

Congrats on a good buy :)

joe said...

One day when there's no one around, i'm gonna blast this one to test the tone. heehee.