24 Aug 2011

Schecter Synyster Gates STD

I was a bit skeptic about the floyd,right after a proper setup.I abused the floyd and played aggressively just find it stays in tune.
I am impressed with floyd quality.Smooth and responsive,it worked like the real thing.
As for the pots,Hey..I rather have a good Floyd with crap pots than a Useless floyd with CTS pots.
Thumbs up to Floyd Rose Special,It's really is special.
As for the rest you(visitor) be the judge.


Khalid Fadil said...

I admit the guitar is good. But, I'll never want to be seen with this guitar. I think its ugly... If I had it, I'd probably take the tremolo and put it on another guitar. Sorry, Schecter :P

YusTech said...

Yup,Good floyd are hard find.

Khalid Fadil said...

That's so true...