7 Oct 2011

Yamaha YG1221

This was taken in my Room workshop last year.(unemployed and learning to stand on my feet time)haha.

When it comes to good production guitar,its worth every penny spent earlier..

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Khalid Fadil said...

Made on the 18th of October 1991, production number 198.

This model was released in April 1991 and was discontinued in 1993 with a price tag of 100,000 Yen at launch.

Bolt-on Maple neck; 648mm scale length; 24-fret Ebony fingerboard; Light Ash body; Gold hardware;
Rockin' Magic-Proll bridge tremolo system; YGH-A16B Alnico V Special neck pickup; LIVE-GS5 Alnico V USA middle pickup; YGH-A18B Alnico V Special bridge pickup; SW-5P 5-way pickup selector switch; Faye Candide burst finish.

I like this one!