7 Oct 2011

The Nut story.

How many of you hear what i hear?
Getting to that 97% note accuracy.The 3rd issues in chords.Possible solution below.

Fujigen solution

Yamaha Fretwave solution

Gotoh S.O.S Nut solution.

Musicman 3eq Nut solution

BFTS Nut solution.

Earvana CTS solution

True Temperament Fret solution.


Dr. Ben said...

What is % accuracy threshold to hear the accuracy with normal hearing?

YusTech said...

When harmony9(Chords) Rhymes like a piano,its 99%,My definition for a perfect string instrument is 97%.the other 3% is about the player experience in handling the instrument.

BFTS-Tried 3,all failed.
Earvana-Not tried
Gotoh SOS-Not Tried
TT-Not tried.