23 Feb 2012

G&L Asat Special

Back in 2000,I had the opportunity to talk to Ian Anderson.At the time he was the guitarist for a local band Blues Gang.This took place at Millennium Music(FYI they're the first company that officially brought ESP to our shore)back then LTD M100 was made in Korea and priced at RM1800.Wow..why didn't i bought one?..haha

At the time Ian conduct guitar classes there and I occasionally drop by to do some setup.One day as I was smoking down the shop,Ian came and we started to talk technical guitar stuff.He asked do I do pickups adjustment.I replied that's an easy thing to do cause its just up or down,near or further from string.Isn't it?

He said that he is unsure if he is going to like the sound if he were to do it himself.I nodded and said I see what you mean...The End

What's that got to do with this post,well the owner of this fine "G n L Tele"sent it to so call Guitar Tech in cheras for setup work.Later the owner call me up to ask me if I could check his guitar,his grouse was he couldn't get the old tone.He said the other tech adjusted the pole piece and couldn't adjust it back to the old factory pickup height.

What did I do?Aside from cleaning up the wiring of course,I could only explain the reason behind pickup and pole piece tweaking and what's its actually all about.I couldn't help him get his old tone cause I don't know how it was in the first place.Haha..So the moral of the story is,Its not about how fast can you play it,Its the experience and understanding of the instrument.So to the Noobie Tech,do some reading before attempting to adjust the pickups.Cause to a guitar player Tone means more than technical jargon.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

i'd rather adjust pickup heights than pole piece heights... it's "safer"

Hafiz Azhar said...

Maybe need to 'try n error' method. Haha. But the owner need to be there during the process.

YusTech said...

I couldn't agree with you both.haha