2 Jun 2012

Jackson KE5FR

Jackson Guitars,
A brand which attracted me the first time I saw it in "Guitar World" Mag.more than a decade ago.Then in 1992 I saw one of my Idol Mr. Marty Friedman used it,it made me want it more.Haha..but when I found that his has only one pickup.I was like wow!his guitar is a versatile guitar.Back then when I listened to Megadeth "Rust in Peace" album I fantasies having his guitar on my lap.My noob thought was why does other guitar makers put 2,3,4 and 5 pickups when Mr.Friedman can do it all with only just one..He so cool sometime I think I want to ditch my own brother for him...Yup those were the years when I believed everything from anyone.haha

The thing that bother me at the time was why didn't Mr.F
riedman have the Floyd Rose on his guitar.At the time every joker in the country was using it.But then again my cheap Aria didn't have it too so I should say I'm thankful to you Mr.Friedman.Every time anyone asked me about my guitar and instead of saying I can't afford a Floyd Rose equip guitar I would say something like this "Actually I'm listening to Megadeth guitarist and he doesn't need/use a Floyd,I also would like to bend and vibrate the notes as correctly as him".I used that reason for many years and got away with it.Furthermore I could stump a hardcore Floyd player (well sometime.hahaha)

If you wondering what guitar I saw and count the pickups as 2,3,4 and 5,here's how I count the pickups d
uring my dark age.

Fender Tele is SS equals 2.
Fender Strat is SSS equals 3 pickups.
Gibson Les Paul is HH equals 4 pickups.
I think you know the answer to the next one.
Ibanez RG550 HSH equals 5 pickups.Hahaha
Steve Morse Music Man?...Do the math.

Why didn't I count Mr.Friedman pickup as 2?Its because its taken by the Telecaster and also Mr.Friedman is so cool and deserve the number 1 for his pickups..hahaha

As for this KE5FR Made in Japan,its a good heavy metal guitar with 4,I mean 2 good Humbuckers.Its a quikie wiring work so I have nothing to be proud of.Its a messy but cheap work.

Thank you and enjoy

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