8 Aug 2012

Emperion Scorpius 6

Posted on Jul 16, 2012
Mithras Invictus LLC has decided to put an end to the Emperion Guitars production as of today, all remaining guitars are available at very special prices at this link
The production’s end affects Horizon Pickups as well. The activity of Titan Cabs will continue regularly.
Warranty and tech support will be provided upon depletion of the current stock. No more custom orders will be accepted from now on,
we would like to thank all the people who supported us throughout the years. All ongoing commitments will be honored.
Emperion Guitars Staff

I'm not sure how I felt when I found out that this company just closed down.I only tried 2 of their model and found them to be quiet good.As for this one,I found the selector to be at an odd spot.

Now that this company has closed.I'm not able to comment their guitars anymore in the future.Anyway to Mithras Invictus,2 of your guitar managed to find its way here in Malaysia.I wish you the best in your life endeavour.



eniQma said...

mcm best je gitar ni....

agak2 price die baper ar bro?

YusTech said...

Saya tidak dibenarkan memberitahu harga.memang murah dan berbaloi.hehehe

eniQma said...

haha xpa2 nanti cek korek sendiri...hehe tq