8 Aug 2012

X Brand LP whatever makes you happy

Being busy most of time means I never get to try and really listen to a lot of guitar pickup mod.Its was/would/will always be the obvious Coil Tap for Humbucker.I mostly use that reason to get my client to get more out of their pickups.It also means more work to be done which means more money going in my pocket(yes.back then I was an evil Tech...still is today..hehe).It was only in 2007 after many Coil Tap mod done to many of my client guitars I began to really listen to this(coil tap) tone closely,as in listening and comparing it to say e.g. a Strat.

I began to notice that Coil Tap sounds thinner than an actual Single Coil itself.It doesn't quiet sound right.I felt like a fool all this time.haha..So I didn't tell anyone about this.

Then in 2009,I had a chat with a guitar playing friend Robert Christopher who doesn't want me to reveal his name here.He wanted my suggestion on pickup mod idea for his guitar.Like always I suggested Coil Tap.Then he said this"Actually Yus,Coil Tap sound a bit thin than a real single coil"
I was like"Bugger you,I thought I was the only one that could hear it".phew..what a relief on my side.

As for this featured guitar,the client ask me to do a different coil tap.A Coil Tap using the Pot instead of a switch(For Neck and Bridge Pickups).He done it before but this time he wants me to do it using better pots.Mmm...I'm thinking..what is this nonsense new thing is about..Mmmm...its Coil Tap but with a gradual roll of Coil Tap.Should give a name,call it SCT(Subtle Coil Tap).

P.S. Im againts clone guitars but I'm 100% agree to parts upgrades.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

hmm~ i wonder how the schematic would be?

Dr. Ben said...

so what is the result? Sound heavier?

YusTech said...

IDK:I will try to draw.

DrBen:Afraid not(to my ear of course)..Gradual Humbucker to single,vice versa.found the hum slightly low(maybe the pot suck some it,I don't know)