9 Aug 2012

Gibson Les Paul Std Plus

How do you get away when you over file the high "E"nut slot in the factory.You give the neck some relief.The problem is there's a Tech in Malaysia name Yustech that likes to straight things up especially guitar neck.

Dear Gibson

This is bullshit QC,being an experience guitar maker.Haven't you develope a Jig that can avoid that?

Thank you


joe said...

dah ckp.. the newer Gibbys are all shit.

YusTech said...

wait.let me see all and confirm..hehehe

bluesguy62 said...

Everything is great except the use of a circuit board. Gibson should stick to separate components and 100% hand wiring. No robots, please. And yes, straight necks are the way to go, especially for blues, oh yeah.