15 Aug 2012

Sadowsky Bass Preamp/DI

Once upon a time long ago,

Client - Bro yus,I have a problem with my pedal,the controls are not functioning very well.

Me - (After checking the unit)..Mmm..I found yours pots needs changing but its impossible to find a replacement nowadays.yours is not the of the shelf pots.Its specially made for the pedal makers.

Client - So there's nothing you can do about it?

Me - I'm afraid not.

Client - I really love this pedal so much,couldn't you at least think of something.

Me - well I could use another type of pots,the ones that would best replace the faulty ones and also we might have to use a different casing due to the pots dimension.At least you can still use the pedal.

Client - wow! I didn't know that's possible.yes,I agree...

Me - but it may take a while for me to scout the parts.

Client - Will it sound like the old ones did.?

Me - Bro,when it comes to tone I'm sure there's maybe a difference between old and new pots.I think that's beside the point cause your earlier concern was whether there's hope for you're pedal.Now you're concern about the tone?.Bro,I'm Yustech,I give or suggest solution when the need arise,so do not talk to me as if I am the manufacturer.Bro,I am not charging you for this consultation time and as soon as I put back this pedal,get out from my workshop,go see another Tech.Maybe he has the original parts for your pedal...Haha


nizam said...

hahaha..gile garang..

YusTech said...

tapi dalam hati ada taman..

Dmitry Utkin said...

have you trace it ?

YusTech said...

No I didn't Dmitry.