4 September 2012

Ibanez buyers guide for Dummies II

Edge III,The Dumbest,unstable,weak knife edge and annoying from Ibanez.If you have money to waste.I'm happy for you.

Edge Zero II,The smartest creation by Ibanez.2 in 1,Fix and Float.Durability still unknown.

Close Friend : So Yustech,yesterday you promise me explain about these Ibanez Model that you would avoid.Explain why.

Yustech : First of all I want share a story,years ago(2003/04 I think) they were this 2 client came to see me and brought their guitars for setup,One own a PGM3 with Edge III while the other an RGXXX with Edge Pro Bridge,I'm sorry I can't recall the model but its a Japanese Ibanez.any way during setup I found the Edge III performance has stability issue,the balance was wrong,un smooth,It kept failing to return to pitch ..well ok sometime it does..hehe..,I always had to jerk it a bit and then the arm keep getting lose.Tightening it was a hassle and dangerous.If I'm not careful I might dent the finish.

Close Friend : Really?What about the other one,The RG?

Yustech : Fantastic,setting up the Edge Pro Bridge balance took just 15min.The arm insertion was tight and rattle free.The weight was just right and smooth.It function as it suppose to without flaw.

Close Friend : Yustech,if you don't mind sharing,could you explain this setup thing.?

Yustech : No I can't,its a trade secret..haha

Close Friend : WTF...how do I know you points have some weight?

Yustech : Alright.the initial setup are commonly found in youtube..I am a extreme Floyd Player so when I setup a double locking system I would assume that the player would use and really abuse it musically.FYI I have been a Floyd player since 2oo1.So I want to be sure it perform as it should be when giving it back plus I still have to charge the poor guy..
I mean what's the point of offering a inferior double locking bridge on a RM3000+ Sig Model when you find the same bridge on a RM900 GIO Ibanez.Come on now,I'm not talking about Tone but Functionality here.The bloody Bridge won't even stay in tune most of the time.
Furthermore in my 13 years as a Tech,Tutor and Consultant,I've seen/read/tried a lot of Trem System.Who are they trying to kidding here?hehe..I give my opinion without fear and favor.Now let me ask you a question,"Do friend let friend buy a dysfunctional guitar?"

Close Friend : or What kind of knowledgeable seller sells dysfunctional guitar to consumer...?

Yustech : I hate to admit it but I was like that from 2001 to 2010.

Close Friend : Oo really..So Yustech,help me make the right choice here if you were me.

Yustech : Gladly I will and Thanks for listening,ok..below on the right would be the wrong buy and on the left would be my choice.Other suggestion are welcome.Never mind the electronics,those can be upgrade later.Functionality matters more here.Its just my opinion..take it or leave it..

With the Net at your fingertips,thinking the consumer is dumb is a big mistake.

  • RGA72TQMZ instead of JS20S

  • Jackson KE3 instead of STM2

  • RGA42TE instead of GRGA22/42

  • S420 instead of JS100

  • RG350DXZ instead of Jem Jr

  • RG370DXZ instead of PGM3

  • GRG150 instead of GRG250

  • S570 instead of EGEN8

  • RG350DXZ instead of Jem 555

  • Jackson WRXMG instead of XP300

  • Edwards EAN-137FR instead XPT700XH

  • Charvel DST1-FR instead of XF350

  • Charvel DS1FR/Uno LP T-May instead of ARZ400T

  • GRG170 intead of GRG270

I'm hearing GRG150/170 owners ROFLOL...so am I.Hahaha

Thank you.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

if all else failed, buy fixed bridge instead :)

YusTech said...

yeah IDK.no more panic for beginners

nizam said...

hahaha..i have one GRG170..

YusTech said...

Congrats Nizam,you made the right choice...

7pelangi said...

i have S570 black colour..hurayy..

YusTech said...

Congrats 7pelangi.value purchase.

max hcj said...

hahaha i owned GRG170. that is my first guitar. Tired of the floating FAT10, in the end just blocked it using 9V battery+wrappings lol.