22 Sep 2012

Fake seller in the spotlight II.


First of all I am not fond of new thing that I'm force to use,I'm talking about google blogger new editor.I can't seem to move the picture to where I want them.Glad to have let that out..

Ok moving to the story.Let me share what I've done before we come to the above picture.

  1. As some of you may know,Switchcraft O/jack is mandatory on all Guitars.that require my attention.Saying "No" means send to someone else.
  2. I've filed the Neck Butt contour to match and fit the neck pocket.
  3. I've even sanded the heel to match(well almost) the default neck.
  4. I've level the frets due to a lot of low spots.
As I was doing the intonation,I found the note to be flat by semi tone or maybe a whole tone,I move the saddle to the max but its still not even do it.
 I took the default neck and match the frets scale to the fake neck.It seem alright.After 5 min looking at the frets,I discovered the neck butt was the problem.It doesn't have the Fretboard over hang to get the fret to where its supposed to be.Scale length gone wrong.Work stop immediately.

Leveling worth RM150-RM180 lost(free work out).
Minor Wood work RM70 lost(Gain knowledge about spray laquer).
Full Setup RM140 lost.(The was no point for me to pursue this
In the end I could only charge my sweat,string and Switchcraft.(RM60+RM22+RM20)

Costly and Time wasting experience but another new info for my Tech journal.

To the Fake Neck seller....sigh.your ignorance has put the final nail to my coffin of endeavor.


eniQma said...

amende la...24 fret dah mcm 21/22 fret punya neck...hahaha mane la si penjual tu dpt neck ni...untuk scale ape ni? hahaha sabar je la bro...

Ijau D. Koceng said...

i guess the 'new' scale would be 25.8-26"?

YusTech said...

Eniqma-Pejual yg knowledgeable sepatut tau tentang scale length dan compatibality neck yg hendak dijual pada potential body yang akan menerimanya...hehe..begitu lah hakikat nya,masih ade penjual membodoh kan diri tanpa sedari kelak rugi dikemudian hari.

IDK- either the bridge need to move forward or neck pocket should be route inwards.

26.8 -26" is definitely for jazz..roflol