19 November 2012

Kustom Arrow 16

Last year a Alex(not real name)sent his Marshall MG15DFX for repair.No sound was the complaint.From my previous experience its always the Power IC thats gone caput.A quiet simple fault to rectify.
It was not the same in the case of Alex's Marshall.Turned out the speaker had blown.
Before telling Alex what happened to his amp,I did a little internet research on my own.The best replacement would be either a Celestion super 8 ,Jensen Mod8-20 or Jense P8R.
I told Alex over the phone that since an original replacement would be an imposible journey for me.a replacement from a reputable speaker maker would be an improvement to the TONE if not the best.
As expected he told me that the price was to to much for him to bear for such a small amp (price+shipping+time+labour and all).He asked me for any cheaper solution so to get the amp to shout again.
As we were discusing over the phone I jokingly gentured that we use them Pasar Road speakers.Its cheaper too haha..
He asked me will it shout out like the default Marshall Tone.
I was like saying to myself "I already found the best posible replacement for tone from the Net but you told me its to expensive and when I gentured a cheaper and not so pro solution just so you could enjoy playing the damned thing again yet you now talk to me about TONE!!??"

Over the phone I told him"well bro the best to do now is to get to function again,when you have the budget.Then only you get the good speaker,capich?"

Collection time he was ok with it.It goes to show that some things are more important than others.

As for the amp service in this post,Kustom did a smart choice by selecting the speaker from a recognize company.Kudos to Kustom for helping us Tech avoid the Face Palm moment.

Thank you and enjoy.

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