6 November 2012

PRS Custom 22 Ten Top

  • It was in the 1992's when I first saw PRS Guitars featured or advertised in Guitar World Mag(borrowed from a friend of course..haha).Its not the guitar itself but rather the machine head that attracted me and managed to stay in my mind for a very long time.For your information I was a fan of Superstrats with Pointy headstock(Jackson Guitars to be exact).So at that time a guitar that resemble a silhouette of a big butt spider would invite cussing remarks from me.I sometime call it P.R.asS guitars.haha
  • It was not until 2002 that I got my first hand experience with PRS Guitars.The shop that I worked at managed to secure a dealership.I purchased my Jackson a year before that and been a Tutor and Tech in 1999.At first glance its an OK guitar but it still look like a Spider Butt to me.Haha..So no thanks.Its for everyone else but me.
  • 2012,After so long teaching guitars(and a bit of Drums),confronting and solving guitar problems, being mature,clearer and firmer as a Tech.The Spider Butt Guitar a.k.a PRS Guitars are not a bad after all.The Spider Butt has well made,elegant and responsive bridge.The pots are engineered and tapered to every turns.The pickups are wound and tune right even though its not high gain but it sounded right at least to me.As for the rotary 5 way switch even though its a hassle to use,every position is rewarding and fulfilling to my ear.Its also a Practical Hum Hum solution.5 is better than 3 and if I was given a choice of Fender Strat,Gibson Les Paul and PRS Custom 22 to bring to work.I would take the Spider Butt anytime.
  • I have to say Paul Reed Smith is not only a great Luthier and Guitar Player in his own right.He is a practical bloke.Trying to find and put new ideas to the guitars.No more will I call it a Spider Butt guitars.I call it as it should be.An apology is over due.The word PRS now equals guitars evolution.
  • Thumbs up Paul and thank you for stirring the conservative,now can we have the pickup bolted to the body?.haha.
  • Full setup by Yustech GT. 


Ijau D. Koceng said...

cool top!


Salam Bang Yus.

Reading the history of PRS, I was kind of amazed with the fact that many people went into luthiery business but few only succeed like PRS himself.

I also dwelled on few Gibson LP guitar forums and find it's kind of surprising that most of the traditional guitar style lover there praised PRS in term of quality.

Now I am gassing on 1 PRS SE I found in CM Music Plaza Angsana in JB. Not dare to ask the salesman for sound test. Too expensive for me.So I testing one Santa Cruz LPC set neck only. Thats in my range.Haha.

Personally I like the current PRS's style of headstock but not on the Santana one.

YusTech said...

Salam MFTA

saya pun sependapat dengan anda.
I share your sentiment.

Dr. Bentara said...

I concur. PRS guitar sounds really really great. I wish they had at least one pointy body shaped guitar for Death Metallers like me to buy. But I will keep on wishing. Sometimes wishes come true.

aziah saidin said...


subversion.sg said...

i love PRS but can't bring myself to buy another 1...

YusTech said...

Sub- u have one?which model u bought?