28 Nov 2012

PRS Mira

Who on earth would name their guitars "Mira" and why?..sigh....why not "Amanda"?What's wrong with "Julia" or "Aunt Josephine".Lol.

And the Pick-guard?what?why?who's the dumb idiot that thought of that?come on now.Its about the wood in fact IMHO its always about showing the grain at the fullest.

As for the Bridge.Its lightweight,for goodness sake man this is not F1,Nascar or CubPrix where less weight gets you more speed.We want more mass which equals TONE.

Guitar wiring my ass.don't get me started on that.haha...very funny.

After doing the setup I found myself playing it longer than I should.Wow this guitar is amazing.The volume response,the comfort of the neck and the notes it churns out are excellent.A visiting friend of mind just bought a 7k Fender regretted his purchase after trying this.

Never mind the Name,the ugly Pick-guard,the hollow feel lightweight bridge and the average Wiring,If all those what make of the wonderful tones,then there's no need to change a thing cause I like it as it is in fact I really love it.Its another kick ass from PRS.

Now Paul you genius man,can we have the pickups bolted?Hehe

*the ivory nut was made by GG Proshop(one of the country renown Tech) prior to my later setup work.

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bluesguy62 said...

Really beautiful wood. How about getting rid of the pickguard, sealing the holes, and a quick touchup job? Would look so much more sexy without the pickguard.