27 February 2013

Ibanez AR300BS

The client wondered about about coil split,I said try paralel instead cause coil split doesn't give's you true single coil.Its worst and comes with noise.As for the other 2 pp pots.I thought it would come in handy should there be a reverse phase issue.Turn out I didn't have to use it.Mmmm...relief I was.

Arranging the magnet polarity is the key here.From neck to bridge it should either be NSNS or SNSN.

Don't quiet get it?Maybe I should do a Tech Tips on that.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

MIJ, kan?

YusTech said...


Akmal Syazwan said...

where's my satin red fender bro ? haha

YusTech said...

comin soon.It turned out I forgot to snap the after job when you took it..haha