14 May 2013

My 500th rant.

Well actually its number 501.Typing the number 501 image seem to show the Jeans instead..haha...

In the beginning I threat my blog as my personal free diary.Its something that I don't have bring anywhere.Its accessible anywhere(as long as there's a Cyber Cafe.Haha..Now its more than that.Its also a place I review and compare my past work.Its to at least keep the consistency while exploring new things. When the Visitors Counter grew.I was totally speechless.Who would want to read a blog from Malaysia?

So in the most serious manner now I would like to thank you the Followers,Visitors,and Joy Clickers worldwide.

Kota Damansara.Malaysia.

1 comment:

Dr. Bentara said...

beribu-ribu taniyaaaa!