6 June 2013

Line 6 Echo Park

Its the time when the crowds are wild,your bands sounds tight and your guitar tone is out of this world.Here comes the solo part.Yeah...you stomp the delay to far it broke a knob.Yep to bad....haha

I'm not sure if the module is still available but you know me.I like to have a look at it anyway.Seeing a substantial amount of plastic shaft left I opted to do a diy at it while advising the client to just buy a new module.

With a soldering iron I did a notch on it so a small flat screw driver can be inserted to turn the knob.Success it was.Will he buy a replacement module? Chances are he wont.Musicians and their gear attachment.You know how it is.So don't break another knob?

Tip - Never pry open the green face panel like I did cause there's no screw under it.The Module can be easily squeeze open.I sure had to found out the hard way.

Thank you and enjoy.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

discontinued line 6 product *sigh*

if still in production, sudah pasti uber-metal menjadi pilihan

YusTech said...

Discontinued?to bad.