15 June 2013

Dimarzio pots Inconsistancy? Part II

Here's the reply I received from Dimarzio

DiMarzio Tech
May 30

to me
Both pots are made by CTS, as you can verify by the stamp on the face of the pots. The shorter shaft is the one we currently offer. We discontinued the control with the longer shaft at the beginning of 2012. You stated in your blogspot that you seek perfection. So do we. We found the shorter shaft to be more useful in more guitars, and therefore we altered the specification. We do not consider changes to our products to be evidence of inconsistency when the purpose of the change is to improve them.

DiMarzio Inc.

I'm staying away from Dimarzio Pots for the time being until they finish off the old badge cause I'm dumb to not check their website at the beginning of 2012...?

I have one thing to say to Larry Dimarzio "Two wrong doesn't make a right" 

Have a nice weekend :)


Part I Here.

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