29 July 2013

Blackstar HT-5

 I remember reading some article about guitar players talking about the power tubes in their amp.Some prefer the 6L6/6V6 ot the EL34/84.They say if you want American Tone put in them 6's or them EL's for British.Unfortunately I have yet the opportunity to own such amp to indulge more on the matter.
I remember my tone being Japanese 20 years ago.I hooked my guitar to a Boss MT2 then straight to Sharp HiFi.The E5 sounded big(cause its stereo).It had echo knob too.Its not until nearly a decade later I got myself an actual guitar amp.I was wishing for a British or an American amp but got a German made instead.Suffice to say its a purchase I never regret to this day.

The Blackstar HT-5 in this post was sent for bias.

Thank you and enjoy

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