26 February 2014

Ibanez RGIR20E

Proprietary technologies are an one of the indicator of how a particular company markets its products.While pursuing something that may not inline with the tradition and sometime mediocre.It could be an improvement and an alternative to the mass.There's more than one way to skinned a chicken.Going back to as far as I know about floating bridge technology there's no one I can think of that deserve my credits and acknowledge other Leo Fender and Floyd Rose.While the former invented the Syncronized Tremolo and the latter brought it to another level.Partly responsible for the birth of Heavy Metal Shred genre.

In the late 80's and on the other side of the Atlantic emerged Ibanez with its own evolution of the double locking bridge system called Lo Pro Edge and Edge bridge.Its so well received that it managed to draw a lot of Floyd wankers to its camp.Fast forward,the camp have grown bigger now than before.In fact its so big that is has several tents in it.Accommodating many players in it.What tents am I writing about?

Welcome to Ibanez Camp.Come on in,I'll be your tour guide..there's the legendary recently brought back to life Lo Pro Edge tent next to it is the Edge tent.Next to that is the Edge Pro tent.Then there's the ZR and ZR2 tents.Just behind it and near the dumpster are the Edge Pro II and Edge III tent which refuses to die or be put down(I don't know why its still there). Across it we see some newly put up tent for the Edge Zero and Edge Zero II.Did I cover all? Well not quiet,there's one tent built in progress.Its for the Edge Zero II without the ZPS3fe that happens to relate to guitar in this post.

Facts and opinion - The RGIR20E is base on the typical RG X20 platform.You get a Volume Knob to turn the volume up/down.Just in case you're not fast at the volume knob.Ibanez gives you an on/off switch too.Within 5 minutes you'll become the fastest volume slingers in that vicinity if not the world.Did I mention there's no Tone knob? It has been agreed upon that there will no mentioning of the word Capacitors,Volts and Farads in the Iron Label R&D room.The word Battery is ok.In return of a set of EMG's they took out the ZPS3fe which I believe doesn't make any sense.I mean pickups is not an exclusive thing and you could buy elsewhere but the key bridge block technology is what Ibanez all about(aside from the looks).I can safely say the reason(one of it) why people buy Ibanez because of their own design/made bridge technology.Their different and contributes to the tones(I believe so).

What other guitar companies put Ibanez bridge in their production? None!..Tongong betul la.Anger aside.Clearly they should be innovating instead of back pedaling.I think the guy that design the failed Edge III has something to do with it.More profit?I don't know,I could be wrong.Performance wise its quiet stable but sorry to say I can't vouch for it just yet.But then again to some us,who cares about a piece of thing Zpz.thingy with metal knob at the back of the guitar.We never bothered to use the arm and forgotten where its at anyway or we just shove a block of wood stuck it in there.There's always the Tremol-No (Should it fit anyway).So to my fellow readers.Should the color scheme pulls you to its sight and the theme would very much suits you inside.Then this may well be the guitar for you.Send it for proper setup.Pedal to the Metal with Ibanez Iron Label.


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Ijau D. Koceng said...

katanya stripped-down version...

klu Edge Zero II tak ada ZPS, baik guna Edge-III je kan? lagi jimat kos