20 May 2014

Taylor GS Mini (QC where are thou?)

The Guitar Tech

  • He is commonly associated or referred to as the 3rd party in resolving problems that appear in new or old instruments there for he is not a QC person for any particular company.Just merely exist to provide service with consent from the client. 
The Client/Buyer.
  • They are an important factor for the existence musical business.Regardless of Noobie or Pro player,they sometime needs second opinion about their intended purchase.Such opinion may come from circle of friends prior or a Tech after(a week later). There for they are not the QC hands and might over looked an unpleasant issue or more in their instrument.
The Manufacturer
  • Having knowledge together with impressive and customized tooling capability.Their job is to deliver a workable/functional instrument regardless of any price range/model to the end user.Having a QC dept should deter malfunction such as weak low G,B and high E output when plugged in,uneven saddle bottom will result in uneven down force on the piezo.Checking it through a proper amps in a quiet test room should expose any abnormality.For this GS Mini none of the above were resolve in the factory.
The Solution
  • I sanded the saddle bottom flat enabling the piezo to get maximum string vibration/output from all six instead of just three.For those who intend to get this guitar,do an in store audio test on the electronics before buying.   

I'm no QC person

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