14 August 2014

Gibson Epiphone LP Std

This is one guitar that looks and felt well built but required a bit of time to understand the tonal character.My bet would be because of the pickups or my ears not able to hear well like before.Ha ha.
This one was made in Indonesia as the stamp behind the neck confirms it.I don't know they have Epi factory there other than in China..Mmm...However the made is good.

Nothing much to do here just setup,50's wiring with orange caps (provided by Cap Meister Khalid Fadil)

Taking it easy


Ijau D. Koceng said...

batch baru epi LP mmg indon mari

btw, standard pickup epi LP mmg agak klasik bunyinya... susah nak cari sound kalau main hardrock/metal, unless tukar aftermarket pickups

YusTech said...

Komen anda berkenaan pickup tone tepat.Classic rock tiada masalah dengan guitar ini.Jadi telinga saya berfungsi normal. :)