15 August 2014

Session STC-33

Its a guitar some of us might bought in our teen years.Initially to get into guitar playing.Loaned around,stickered and bashed to fulfill that rebellious rock star attitude inside that volatile teen soul.Nothing wrong with expressing your musical feeling.

Years and a guitar or two later,you suddenly remember about that that first beat up guitar.Where is it and who has it now? Upon getting it back.You feel the need to hear it again.That rebel side is long gone now.A mature heart is all that's left with more attention to articulation and accuracy.But another round of guitar bashing might make its return in future.Who knows.

Setup,wiring,installing some new generic hardware and pickup repair.The Seymour Duncan SSL-7 had broke down.Luckily it broke on the outside layer.Something that's rare but easy to repair from my experience.Its 14k DC resistance is now reduced to 12k.



Ijau D. Koceng said...

player's guitar, played with love and passion...

Aliya dixit said...

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