11 August 2014

The Gotoh 510UB

Without the funds to buy and try,one of the perks of working on guitars is being able to evaluate thing at others expenses.I have always been curious,fascinated,disgusted at some guitars hardware technology.Knowing what's what,where it came from.How it came to be as we know it today.Some had disappeared off the in industry,some has made impressive comeback,some of those hardware which are found on old Japanese guitars are actually very good.Take the Fender Contemporary bridges for example.The design and built was intricate but quality and was all for the sake of the guitarded players.Some design however I wish it never existed like Ibanez Edge III.That could've only came from a guitarded designer that has sadistic pleasures seeing/reading guitar players discontentment.Damn those Edge III's,they just won't go away and die.Haha.That's that then

The G-Gotoh company of Japan is another story.This is a company that has a very high degree of persistence,observant and always finding ways to one up its competitors in USA and Germany.Having said that we arrive to this Gotoh 510UB.It has the weight,the innovation and ergonomics.Design not by a guitarded but rather by someone that has R&D it,resolved what ever prior short comings it may have and wants it to be compatible on whatever guitar makes out there.That's that then.

Got Oh?


Ijau D. Koceng said...

yang ni replacement utk TOM-type bridge ke?

YusTech said...

Terpasang pada satu LP jr style guitar.