6 November 2015

Charvel MF Line Jazz Bass?

Looks very Jazz.Headstock similar to CHS series.

All stock and still working.

Couldn't make anything of it.

The inner channel route made nice wire arrangement.

Calling all Charvel guitars/basses historians,Do you know what model this is?If you do.I would be much grateful if you could shed some light.Better if you could include catalog scan or point me to the link(don't point me to Vintaxe please).As for now I'm naming it as I see it on the headstock. Thanking you all in advance.

This bass was a pawn shop purchase in Japan.According to the owner there were tons of quality guitars/basses that were categorized as under value(take it and go) in many local stores.I certainly believe so beyond any reasonable doubt.Tons of old Yamaha's,Jackson's,Ibanez's Greco's etc everywhere..from as cheap as RM600 on,I'll guarantee you'll bring home a very decent instruments,Face to face purchase(es) is/are way cheaper than online..A definite MIJ heaven for MIJ aficionados.Any of you readers from Japan.?Hook me up with one of those stores?

The owner wanted it setup along with my opinion about the electronics too since he bought a set Bill Lawrence Jazz set prior to his oversea trip.Since he me was eager to up the guts,I suggested good pots with a series/parallel option at the tone.The series configuration is to let everyone in the band know who's the boss.Hehe.

Those thunderous sounding genuine Bill Lawrence J45 Jazz set were ordered directly online from  wildepickups


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