8 January 2017

Allparts guitar potentiometer review

In case some of you are unaware Allparts product has officially landed at one shop in Mutiara Damansara(commercial area).For some and myself included who don't know who or what is Allparts.They are the biggest stockist of fretted instrument replacement parts in North America and maybe in the world too.Its like the Ace Hardware of parts for hobbies,pro and newbie tech like me.

However the dream of seeing the full line of Allparts product being brought here is something that we all can accept would never come true. Despite that I think the local dealer had thought it through well when they brought in key consumable parts such as pots,switches,screws etc.

Few weeks ago I went to the shop to buy a couple of Ernie Ball CTS(yes they still comes without the plain washer) but as they had none I had to settle with Allparts CTS instead.You see I saw Allparts products a few weeks before this visit but I'm unsure about their pots..My safe choice were always Dimarzio,Ernie's or Fender CTS's.

After installation it was discovered that the Allparts CTS has an unpleasant roll-off response compared to any CTS I had installed before.In high gain direct amp mode the pot response was disappointing to say the least.There's not enough room or turning range left for clean crunch tone when trying to roll-off the gain.The cut off was abrupt* before even reaching zero and vise versa compared to my client's old pots(Gotoh 16mm body). I was very disappointed about this first Allparts pot experiences.I can accept the 10 to 20% tolerance factor as this is beyond me or the distributor control furthermore I do measure and install any pots according to its given tolerance.I will avoid using Allparts pot from this moment on.This could be a fluke or a dud but my opinion now is not all CTS are created equal or perform as I thought it would.

I give Allparts pots 1 star out of 5.

*as describe by my client


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