17 January 2017

Warwick Rockbass Corvette Basic 5

This bass was a pawn shop purchase years ago.It's a mid 2000 model which explains why it has the one piece bridge instead of two(3D Bridge).The owner came for a setup.Upon checking the electronics I discovered it's missing the stock active electronics.I suggested him to go for the conventional 250k pots outfit(for more umph.) over the current mixs of 500k and an oddball 22k blend pot(or was it 25k,not sure now but anyway).

The bass has 4 pot holes so I pretty much follow how it was wired.1 master volume,1 blend and 2 independent tone for each pickups.

The nut was missing some sort of base thingy to hold the nut itself.As I don't have any graphite rectangle shape of that size in my shop,I opt for blank bone nut to occupy that spot.A couple of holes drilled for the nut set screws sit in.

Despite it being without the stock active electronics.The tone is loud like any other passive basses.The built is good and comfortable,the machine heads are ergonomically situated and the nut height is easily adjusted with a hex key.I have to say I pretty much like this bass.

 I don't think I've told this in my blog but whenever a truss rod had to be adjusted in a setup,one needs to over see for any possible changes at the neck that might occur.2 weeks is enough to notice whether it stays true or requires a follow up to correct it back.It's how it is in most cases.The owner of this bass is from Kedah(400km away).It'll either be too far for him to make the follow up journey or my setup remains steady like it was in my shop.I hope it's the latter? haha

Feeling bassy


Ijau D. Koceng said...

kalau nak adjust truss rod (especially for basses), berapa kali pusing atau berapa sudut yang disarankan untuk sekali setup?

YusTech said...

Tiada pernah ada jumlah yang sebenar bagi truss rod adjustment bagi kedua dua gitar dan bass.Truss rod bukan seperti skru Ijau.Haha
Adjust hingga lurus atau hampir dan pantau semula selepas 2 minggu.tambah atau kurang untuk dapat balik kelurusan.pantau lagi dan adjust hingga tidak perlu lagi dimana neck dan truss sudah settle down.

Eelco K. said...

It’s a Rockbass Corvette Basic Passive, the electronics were never there. It was all original, just the way Warwick built it. It just had the same body as the active Corvette Basic, hence the room for electronics and battery. Great job though!

YusTech said...

Thanks Eelco for the new info.Much appreciate your visit and input here.