28 December 2017

The Ibanez Hard Rocker

The string goes through under the bridge, sort of like a wrap around bridge. The base plate has a wall on each side to prevent the saddle side to side movement. The knife edge is a inserted round hardened rod. The chrome plated is thick to endure years of sweat. The Ibanez Hard Rocker has quiet a unique and practical design ahead its time. Quiet a piece engineering effort shown by Japanese here. Thumbs up.

Thank you


subversion.sg said...

Have not come across this one- good to see it shared here. I think you are very fortunate to have come across many obscure models during your servicing opportunities- please don't stop sharing :-) Happy 2018 to you, sir!

YusTech said...

Yes I felt the same way too. Will be curious about the Pro Rocker after this. Hope to bump with one. Happy 2018 to sir too. Your Nutube entry is very interesting that I may do an entry about it. Quiet a difficult to write since its too new of a product but anyway I guess my thought would kill some time off the tech stuff. Hehe. Cheers Tuan.