18 April 2018

Fender Squier California Tele


I think I had repaired another one of this years ago. I wonder which either two would be the better job done by me. Honestly I feel intimidated and reluctant to find that old post what more to compare my work. I let you guys find it and pass judgement. I think its better that way. Or maybe I just deleted that for the sake blog space here. Haha.

Anyway recently I was in the search for catalog PDF scans of Squier California series catalog. Sadly I couldn't find any as most would feature the Affinity series and the rest. Both California and Affinity does look the same from a far except for the pickup type, string tree and model decal. Maybe the California series is an Asian export modified version of the Affinity I don't know. If you have any catalog scans of this please email. I will be very grateful and  re edit this post.

 The Tele in this entry needed guts upgrade and setup. I was told it was left in a storage before a new caretaker had rescue it. That's about it then.

Thank you

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