16 April 2018

Yamaha RGX420S

What? Another Yamaha? Will I bash Yamaha Malaysia again as I'd done in the post before. Hmm let see at what we have here.

 Its a Yamaha RGX420S made in early 2000 era. The routing work is clean. The built is nice. The bridge is by Ping Well which is far superior than Ibanez Edge III, Ibanez STD DL and Floyd Rose Special combined.

One interesting fact about this RGX-420S is the ingeniously thought of height adjustable locking nut. A feature that Gibson just took serious about a couple years back. Why so late bro? Don't think that I'm not aware about how Gibson tech purposely relief the neck when they accidentally over cut the nut. I hope that's the reason why Gibson bought a pile a PLEK machines to do the nut.

Hmm.. Looks like I don't have anything bad to say about this Yamaha RGX420S especially towards Hamamatsu design team. They had certainly did the design job right. This RGX420S came in for setup and job done. Thumbs up to Yamaha HQ Japan.

Thank you


Ijau D. Koceng said...

bridge design sama macam Gotoh GE1996T

YusTech said...

Ya, Saya nampak persamaan antara Ping Well PT505 akan Gotoh GE1996T. Terima kasih atas pemekaan dari tuan. ;)