15 April 2018

Yamaha MS40DR

Today we're looking at the Yamaha MS40DR a amplification system. This system meant to be sold with the Yamaha DTX digital drum. At first glance it looks like my PC audio system. You know those old Altec Lansing stuff.

The complaint was the main input connector has an intermittent connection fault. I was told by the shop when connected, one or two piezo pads on the drum not emitting any sound.

I looked at the multi pin connector and suspected it could be the culprit. After some research I could not find the exact name of this multi pin connector but then again it occured to me how would one solder this. Its too tiny to work on. The complete connector is available for purchase but not locally though. Its becoming a fact that in this country despite having authorised distributors, almost everything has to be ordered from oversea. What an effing inconvenience for us water fishes.

I have to confess I'm quiet disappointed at how Yamaha Malaysia is doing business here. They are ignoring the fact that their product will break down and dealers/consumer(me included) needs parts support. Do they think when it passes its warranty and the connectors went faulty then people would just buy a new MS40DR? What are we? Water fish? Like money grows on tree behind our backyard or roadside is it?

Wait a minute,this really reminded me of Roland Asia Pacific. So Yamaha is following Roland business practice too? Idiots!

So I return the unit back and gave the reason why I will not repair this. I told the shop to voice out to Yamaha about a replacement connectors. Whether the did or not is not my concern. My job is done. I mean I'm not saying that I won't repair anything from anyone or being picky that sort of things but just to say there are some problems or issues that must be address to the right channel. Malaysian Line 6 owners. This may concern you too.

Hence this is an un repaired post so enjoy the gut pictures. I know I do. I have to praise Yamaha for not putting the cheap SMPS(dangerous too) in it, tidy component placement, beefy transformer and the large generous heat sink but then what's with the power IC? Those thing can be notoriously hard to find one day. Power transistor are still being made presently. Anyway good luck to both Roland/Yamaha and their consumers. Someday the latter will know that they had been fucked in the ass.


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