12 April 2018

Orange Crush 35LDX

Hello, in this post we going to look at an amp with a power failure. I was told by the owner that water had entered into it. I can't remember whether it was his leaky ceiling or AC. It could still be turn on but the LED power indicator had gone dimmed while loud hums emits from the speakers. The hum is similar to a blown power transistor or power IC problem.

I opened the amp chassis to look at the board. I saw 2 caps had a bloated and 1 blown. The water must've entered through the 3 female input jacks.

I couldn't find the exact size replacement caps so I ordered what I hope to be a much better filter caps. Though the caps are taller than the stock but lead pitch is the same. The made in Japan factor gave me a good vibe when ordering.

The amp works fine after that but after playing with the effects knob the sound suddenly reduced. I turned it off then back on it work like normal. I couldn't understand what was going on but I suspect the effect board must have some random haywire symptom. Its impossible for me to fix it if it was broken. Looking at how the effects module is wired, I think the I/O connection was made through the amp's imaginary send/return line.

I think one could take out the effects module and put in a couple send/return jack in place of both of the controls. That is just my theory.

Tone wise? let's just say I rather enjoyed my cup of Nescafe.

Thank you


Ijau D. Koceng said...

dah tak minum nescafe tin ke bang?

btw, saw hakko presto "blue gun" back there :)

YusTech said...

Eh, bukan begitu. Sejak 2 bulan kebelakangan ini saya tuang Nescafe tin ke gelas seperti di gambar. Seolah lebih nikmat pada psycology saya.Pada Pokka Tea Susu juga.Hehe

Ya Hakko Presto menanti masa untuk gantian tip. Selagi berfungsi maka akan lambat lah pembelian part ia. Hehe