16 January 2019

Ibanez Buyers Guide for Dummies VII

Hello again and welcome to what is to me a belated Ibanez buyers guide for dummies issue seven. I'm sure most veteran of this post knows what this post is all about. Let's go straight to it shall we, but first
Ibanez is doing things differently last year by pushing their good and bad bridge into selected continents/countries/region. I've heard unofficial rumours that there's patent dispute claim made in the United States to the Edge Zero II. I don't know whether that's true or otherwise but I couldn't care less, I'm not interested in wind-talk khabar angin because those kind of street talk would always snowball into stinking fishball and I don’t eat ikan patin.

 I choose a different tangent by asking these instead "Is Hoshino doing a strategic disposal of the STD DL(now nameless)?" God knows how many thousands of units they've bought from Ali and Co or where ever it's from I don't give a shit. “Was this a regional decision or a directive from Hoshino?"

Having said, I urge you reader's to peruse the guitar spec in your domestic Ibanez site, comparing it (the specs) with the next region site. I know I should have check their site last year but I was busy and had good assumption that Ibanez wouldn’t do any back pedalling (like before). To my defense, it was just brought to my attention by my client recently when he surf to buy a guitar. I hope I’m not late to steer some of you away from the bad apples. Those apples left over may be brought forth to this year too. Honestly speaking I’m slightly pissed by this and will put an alarm setting in my phone calendar to check Ibanez websites and catalog pdf in the second quarter of this year. To all potential Ibanez RG Standard buyers, domestic or international, you can be fucking sure I won’t forget this time. Insyallah. Hehe.

Speaking about sites. I'll be comparing from/between three Ibanez regional official 2018 catalog to show you which bridge landed on your soil. Drum roll......

 Ibanez 2018 Asia Catalog

 All the standard models with locking trem spots the good Edge Zero II with ZPS3fe. No hanky panky here in fact we're given more finishes to choose from. Thank you Ibanez for not dumping your bridge waste here. We already have the rare earth hazard in Pahang to worry about. Some of the signature models still spots the Edge III and STD DL. Damn son! When will those bridge die or sent elsewhere too!? Maybe I should write to my MP so our garment would ban Edge III and STD DL Bridge from entering our port. Another item in the smugglers list? That could raise the Edge III to becoming collectable and would proof profiting to sellers too. Yeah perhaps I'll write that letter just before PRU15 in 2023.

Ibanez 2018 European Catalog

My dear respected Germany consumers including all nation of the EEC, although you all didn't get all the finishes (maybe you will if Thomann squeezes Hoshino balls harder this year), rest assured all trem equiped RG Standard came with Edge Zero II (whether you know it or not). Thumbs up. Hope it remain this way until 2023. To travelling Malaysian over there, your purchase is safe too unless you prefer more choices. For that come buy it at home.

Ibanez 2017 USA Catalog (2018 Catalog not found. 2019 sites shows similar results to 2017 catalog)
 Though they got the fullest range and with some slightly higher range (400 series), it is still in my opinion wortless with that bridge on. That said, It is with regret to announce that our American players got the bad ones. All RG Standard shown above spots the Aliexpress twin STD DL system. You should either wait for spec changes this year (if there’s any) or hunt/ask for earlier than 2016 with the Edge Zero II badge. If you insist on wanting a new RG Standard with Edge Zero II now or today! Then you have to go for the RG Iron Label or RG Premium instead. On the bright, techs over there going to make a killing with bridge replacement. Anytime now? Oh yes, this advice is also for travelling Malaysian buyers in USA too. Better come back and buy it at home sir.

Below are a couple more global models that you should walk away from unless you love the guy so much or found it for sale dirt cheap then I'm happy for you sir. Just so you know I have nothing against the player. It’s just that bloody fucking bridge.

Thank you

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