22 Aug 2011

Yamaha SG2000

At a glance it looks like Gibson SG(Standard Guitar),sure....put this on your lap you going to forget about Gibson SG,You may want to give this one another name.its a Serious Guitar(SG),Singing Guitar(SG),Super Great(Mmm..still SG),Sustaining Guitar(what?.. SG),Sweet Guitar(Wtf..SG).

It made me don't want to play my Jackson PS2.
For a while I call my Jackson PS2-(Piece of Shit 2)hahaha..

The Japanese luthiers has pushed "the art of perfection"to another level.
Satisfying Guitar(well ok Yamaha..SG it is then.)


Khalid Fadil said...

Wow... You really like this guitar, don't you! Hahah! I'll be sure to bring it along when I visit you.

YusTech said...

any time,take your time.I am the now Sure Gempak(ayo..SG again).

Khalid Fadil said...

SG for the win!

bluesguy62 said...

A true Japanese masterpiece. Top-notch components, neat wiring, and the sturdy control cavity ground screw is a plus. Lucky guys, you two :)