18 Nov 2011

EHX Memory Toy

I have sent emails to this company needing clarification about a component on Oct28,never got any reply from them till today.Now my client is running impatient and so am I.My intention is to fix your product and maybe add good words about it.

This post has been email to EHX.I hope it don't turn to be like the Proco story.
I am a TECH that don't dabble with components values and any TECH or your Engineers should know this.

Thanks for the silent treatment.I be sure to pass the word around..haha..what a joke.

Whats R80??


EHX said...

It's 10 ohms.

YusTech said...

Finally,..thank you very much EHX.

Rogier Kerkhof said...

It has been a long time since this was posted, but why did R80 burn? I have another example of a Memory Toy with a burned R80 but even with the unit replaced only gives <2V. Guess something is broken down and short circuits to ground. You've had any luck with this one?

Primo┼ż Kranjc said...

that one was hard to find but still we want answers! :)

i have one burned right here and i want to fix it.

Rogier Kerkhof said...

I fixed mine!

Problems were the bypass caps over the power supply. C13 was shorted in mine. Removing it (replacing is OK, I just kept it removed) fixed the problem.

Problem is that there are a LOT of bypass caps in this unit! 13 in my unit. I was lucky that the first one I removed was the bad one!