11 March 2013

Fender Telecaster Thinline Super Deluxe TN72FT/MH

The guitar was brought in the day it was bought.Its one of two that he currently owns.The particular client was kind enough to tell me the detail story behind this particular Tele and why he bought it(cause I can't posibly know every model in the world.haha).He wanted the height to be raise just a bit.The tone fits the model name rightly.Thin all way.

Initially I had no qualms on the factory setup.its quiet comfy for me personally but he wants it up just slightly.A quarter turn at the saddles wouldn't do any harm anyway.

Prior to the minor setup I notice I was slipping on the E a little more than usual.The neck seem to be of centered and visually there's little to no room from the 12th fret to the end.

Just loosen the 3 screws and yank it the other way.Easy solution.
Speaking of easy.I'm surprise this one managed to get by the QC,The Shop and The Salesperson easily.

When a client wants to buy so much,he easily overlook at the little details.
When a shop wants to sell it,those little details could loose you a sale.