27 March 2013

Les Paul IDK model (I Don't Know)

Hello again.My small workshop are piling up(again) and it seems to be the main cause of my temporary absence in cyberspace.

The guitar is passing from father to son.Layed unattended for several years.This was due the son further studies in Clasicall Guitar.Asking more about the brand and model proves to be forgivenly unclear.

From my in depth findings it has similarity to a Greco in Neck Bolt approach.The headstock looks Epiphone.The nut is Fender style.Its believed somewhere along the years a neck plate with 4 screws was added.3 + 4 = 7.I later removed the 4 to make it default.Clearly I believe there are no structual threat here.

From the contruction quality its not a China clone(this I very much believe).Googling leads me to dead end.Maybe I am not using the right keywords.

The fretwear was very high,the pickups has microphonic.A fret levelling(RM200) work could lead to a full refret(RM450).

In the end the client was very much happy the guitar got working again(even with short frets).That goes to say in some rare ocasion my finger opinion is non relevant.

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Ijau D. Koceng said...

ingatkan IDK = ijau d. koceng

kotak pill, idea yg bagus, blh ditiru ni :)