5 March 2013

Yamaha SA50

As told to me by the owner the guitar was left to rot before it was bought.It was made in 1969.The End.

My analysis suggested me to be prepare for anything.Broken screws is the least to worry here.Instead the neck was my main concern.I believe the guitar glory days were from the 70's through 80's. It must've been in a back bow state for at least a decade.

The owner wanted it re-fret so I recommended to go for jumbo.He didn't straight away agreed but instead said that what ever I think is good for me would be good for him.It would turn out to be a remark that I would be grateful of.

Come halfway in the fretting process I notice it began to be gradually tight to press the frets in.Common sense tells me continuing would further compress the neck to further back bow than it should.I certainly wouldn't want to use thick strings to neutral it.Another obstacle was the neck profile thickness was not the same from behind the the nut to the heel.My Jaws almost became useless..haha

I pull out all 11 pcs Jumbo #0150 frets and used  #0155 instead.As for the zero fret I used 1 pc of Dunlop Accufrets No.6000 which you have to buy a set..Haha

Thank you and enjoy

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