2 Apr 2013

Seymour Duncan Potentiometer.

Seymour Duncan Smooth-Turning Potentiometer.Yes its the same company that gave the world the "JB","59","Jazz","Invader" etc.....

Lets rewind to as far as I can remember at how things used to be.Decades ago the only 3 known brands in the pickup world.There's Dimarzio,EMG and Seymour Duncan.People would always ask me which is better.Its always a tough question to answer.EMG products would always manage to get away in the discussion.Reason being cause its active,different and unfair to do comparison,so it would always be SD vs Dimarzio.

Each of the three company has since expanded their products offering.
Dimarzio later added quality electronic parts which indeed became relevant for guitar and bass players globally.Seymour Duncan dove into the Stomp world.They introduced the humble Pickup Booster and the rest is history.Meanwhile EMG happily continues to ship the 81/85set worldwide.

Then sometime on 2007/08 Seymour Duncan introduced the Blackout Active Pickups.The were quiet the talk of the time.EMG retaliated after by introducing their serious version and know how in passive pickups.

And now Seymour Duncan selling pots too.What will Dimarzio do about it?

The Seymour Duncan pots are from Bourns.They are known for making various range of passive components.Looking at their Pro Audio section in the website tells me they mean business.

Lets do some math comparison between Dimarzio's CTS pots and Seymour Duncan's Bourns.

Say I have an offshore LP shape guitar in need og upgrade.

option a) 4 Dimarzio's pots  = RM100(Bear in mind CTS require American size knobs holes to fit and that's extra)

option b) 4 Seymour Duncan's pots = RM132.

My main choice would still be CTS due to its durability.The Bourns would have to prove itself and for now would be my choice for generic intruments that don't need the knob be replace..

Thank you.

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