13 May 2013

Godin Icon Type 2 Classic


For those electric player that's phobic about comfort-nest of playing beyond 14th fret then I recommend you try e.g. LTD EC Series or Dean Deceiver Series.If you find its not comforting then you should try out Gibson LP.Should you find LP is tougher to play then wait till you try this Icon Type 2.

Its probably design by an acoustic or classical guitar player that's never heard nor played any of the late Gary Moore's tune.Its for those who don't bother to venture above 14th fret.Its for the G,Cadd9 and D Chordaholics.A acoustic guitar player dream come true with a weight and electronics of an electrics.But wait that's not all,it has a booster for those threatening audio moments.Never fear those shredders anymore cause you're louder now.Haha.

Its goes to show what looks good to the eyes don't always feels right to the hand and fingers(Mine at least).

Godin Icon Type 2.Yep "I conned you too" hehe.

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