17 September 2016

Marshall Valvestate 8008

This isn't a repair reporting post.If I remembered correctly the owner came to have me make a 1/4 inch jack with proper speaker wires from it leading into a cabinet.
These thing rarely make an appearance in my workshop.From the outlook I sensed it's easy to have a peak inside.First look,it's a no nonsense gear with proper weight distribution between the donut and the main PCB.On the main PCB there's two identical circuit layout almost mirror to each other for stereo or bridge output.It's like looking at an old straight forward brittish HiFi power amp.Tidy like a lady should I say handsome like a gentlemen.

 The board is single sided(I think) so every componet is visible to eyes,smellable to the nose and feelable to the fingers(in case you want to know what's not suppose to feel hot.Where's the valve?
This don't qualify to be in the "Past Tech Job" label but I guess I put it there anyway.At least those who didn't peruse this post may think I repaired it in some way.Well I don't mind getting busted for it as I like to think these pictures would add benefit on top what's already published out there.Where's the valve?

Bottom line it's well built,simple to figure out and most importantly it's still alive especially in todays era of Apps and Binary generated guitar tones.Are rack mounts a thing of the past? Maybe but its definitely not for this Marshall 8008 power amp.

Never like any Marshall guitar amp

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