11 December 2017

Mooer Baby Bomb 30

Well it's another accidental Mooer product review. By accident I meant a friend just bought and brought to me to try out. I wish I have thousands of friend like him. He he.
Firstly the Mooer Baby Bomb 30 packaging is good but since I didn't get to see the packaging style of the earlier Moeer, I take it in good faith that all Mooer comes like this? The box in a box style is great at prolonging the thrill of un boxing.

Box aside, it doesn’t look like a handgranaten but does sound like one. We found that out while hook it up not seeing the knob was accidentally moved to 3. Had we not turn it down to 2 we would've been deaf? What a possible shell shock experience that was. I have a feeling you could throw this grenade up to eleven and infinity. I wonder if 4 of this through a 4x12 is enough for small to medium club show.

The Mooer Baby Bomb controls is simpleton  friendly. It has a rotary pot and a double throw toggle switch. The knob is pretty obvious with the switch acting as presence (warm/bright) selector I think. After one hour of testing it felt just warm on the enclosure but then we only played it at 2. Maybe at eleven or infinity it will feel 90 Celsius? I don’t know.
I opened the back cover. There's nothing much to see really. I was looking for couple of parallel solder legs that would hint something like TDA2x/7x. I couldn't see any TDA's footprint on the solder side of the PCB. Mooer might be using a newer and smaller manifestation of a similar application chip. Oh ya, one more thing. The earth copper springy thingy inside should be place at the corner near the thread hole. In this one it looked offside.

After putting the bottom cover back, my attention turned to the power cable leading to the adapter box. It has this oddball looking plug head. The mains socket has two non perpendicular prong (live/neutral). Okay I just use the common British IEC then but no can do bro. The other end that’s going to the adapter is another oddball in its own right. It looks like the one used for 80s Japanese mini compo. You know, the number 8 shape plug. This Mooer one has a tumour (earth). Wow, what an improvement late only by 40 years. Thumbs down.

Perhaps Mooer should limit the thrill to the un boxing only. The user shouldn't be burden to look for an adapter which he/she will have difficulties describing it to that hardware store that may or may not have it. Even if he has spare British Standard plug prior, he still have to figure out where the live, neutral, earth wire should be pinch at. As far as I can remember I never had such miss wire experience so I don't know how such after effect would be.

By the way aren't most musical related gear uses the same IEC Connector. Mooer being a new player should’ve known this. I think maybe Mooer (everyone else too) is trying to start another connector war and this is pre-emptive strike? Anyway I doubt Mooer will take heed from anyone because they think everyone is a youtube electrical engineer with bag full of tools. Well, Mooer is a fool.

To any music shop that selling the Mooer Baby Bomb, have it in your heart to tell the buyer that the Baby Bomb isn't always plug n play. The consumer either has to buy a mains outlet adapter or snip then swap then rewire at the plug. Then and only then you play/blow/die. What a thrill ei?

Dislike oddball danger


Ijau D. Koceng said...

i guess "30" means 30 watts of output power?

YusTech said...

Yes I believe so.